Live Technologies emerged as a separate entity following the acquisition of Rite Choice Technologies in the year 2010.

Live Technologies provides innovative and integrated solutions for the products of web applications

Live Technologies Provides IEEE Projects Training and Real Time Projects and Technology Training through expertise people. We are providing the training in various latest technologies. We are good at developing software in Information Systems, Web Based Applications, Internet Solutions, Web Page Designing and Hosting.

With state-of-the-art facilities, Live Technologies software development center caters to many diversified software requirements. Here, challenging projects are undertaken by bright and enthusiastic teams using high-end software solutions and cutting edge technologies.

To deliver the best and optimal services to its clients, Live Technologies has teamed up with some of the leading technology companies to explore avenues for new business development, knowledge sharing, continuous growth and to make some value additions to the students under the educational streams belonging to the parent group.
At Live Technologies , the scale, scope and knowledge of our Teams help deliver problem solving efficacy, whether it is software development, software testing, services, we deliver! At heart. Live Technologies is an association of passionate people taking massive challenges head-on!

Custom Development

Live Technologies has a good history of providing Web Application Development services to its clients, where its network of business and technical consultants have combined with clients to extract and anticipate the exact needs and develop solutions to meet such needs.

Professional Support

Live Technologies has a team of analysts, consultants and engineers and techno-functional professionals, with a strong commitment to deliver technical and operational support to its customers. Its resources act as an extension of the Customer’s IT team to provide remote or on-site support and improve the effectiveness of the IT operations.

Database Support
On the Database management side, organizations face the common challenges of responding to sudden business change, ensuring business availability, maximizing performance, reducing complexities, ensuring security, yet lying within the budgets.

Quality Assurance

Financial Services industry faces many challenges including data proliferation, customer privacy issues, and growing industry regulations and guidelines while simultaneously facing intense competition across all sectors.

Legacy Systems Support

Live Technologies’s team can provide a set of skilled individuals, who familiarize themselves with clients as though they are a part of their own technology team right from inception, help them realign IT and business strategies and increase the flexibility and adaptability of their IT portfolio.

Information Security Services

Live Technologies offers a comprehensive set of security assessments that ensure the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. At Live Technologies, we are committed to identifying the security and vulnerabilities of the organization system by reaching out to the core of the problem.

Technology Used In Projects


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